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Advice on how to make a good presentation

Observe ten minutes rule

Observe ten minutes rule

The ten minute rule was created to make presentations more successful and more memorable. Let’s tell you what this is all about:

  • Studies show that due to the negative effects of one-sided presentations (back at school for instance) the audience generally tunes out after trying to pay attention in the first 10 minutes.
  • Therefore you need to be the coach during the presentation and bring the attention back without giving a hint that you are aware most people are on their phones already.
  • To achieve regaining attention use one or more of these tricks every ten minutes:
    • Engage your audience: play a short guessing game ( about an image, a data-point or anything with relation to your presentation)
    • Show the audience something funny: let that be a gif or a video
    • Do a live demonstration

All in all do your best to re-engage audience every ten minutes.

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