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Advice on how to make a good presentation

Pay attention to your breathing during the performance

Pay attention to your breathing during the performance

There are several things you need to learn about the art of presenting to an audience. Let’s enlist there this time around. In the same time, let’s ensure you that all this can be learned when exercised, rehearsed enough times.

  • Body language: it’s essential for you to learn how to stand properly and where to keep your hands while talking. Rehearse in front of a mirror or to record your presentation then correct your mistakes accordingly.
  • Intonation: you can learn the proper intonation which means when you have something important to say, when you want your audience to feel certain emotions and also if you want them to surely remember of what you have to say.

Breathing while talking: When we are beginners we tend to get to talk up until the point we are out of breath. Learn to control your breathing and always take time to breath after each sentence.

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