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Advice on how to make a good presentation

There should not be a lot of text on the slide

There should not be a lot of text on the slide

When you are a beginner you tend to complicate things with presentations. Here are a few guidelines to stick to when you compose your PowerPoint presentation.

  • A presentation is not the content it is only an aid to the whole content that’s verbally presented by you.
  • Therefore presentations contain key words, key phrases and key attention callers, all of which should be large enough to really call attention and for them to be visible and legible even if the audience is larger therefore the presentation is further away.
  • Newer overload a presentation as it’s not the right tool for doing so.
  • If you want to include texts to help you while talking do so in a “note” format ensuring it’s only you who see them on the slides.
Career path clipart

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